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How I got my dream job

I write to you from a small but stylish hotel room in New York. I’m here to spend a week in a Product Management course at General Assembly to prepare for my new role as an Associate Product Manager at Trello. Before this opportunity was announced, if you had asked me to write down exactly what I wanted to do next, it basically would have been this job description.

I haven’t always been this happy in my career. Just two years ago, I was pretty miserable. I was in a professional setting that was not a good environment for me, and I was just a few weeks away from being unemployed. I felt hopeless, without a chance of ever finding a better situation.

So I how did I go from despondent to dream job? Well, to be honest, it involved a lot of luck. But maybe there’s something in the story that can be of use to someone else, and with that hope in mind, here’s how it happened.

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I made dacquoise, and it was amazing.

A few weeks ago, as I was standing in the checkout line with my groceries, I spotted a special issue of Cook’s Illustrated in the magazine stands: Cook’s Illustrated Make-Ahead Desserts. I put it in my basket immediately, further thought not required. I eagerly poured through each page when I got back home, delighted by everything I saw, but there was one recipe in particular that captured my attention.

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Feelings are hard sometimes

Earlier this evening, I started crying while on the phone with my boyfriend, for reasons I couldn’t articulate either to him or to myself.

Jared handled it pretty well. He apologized for having insulted Love Actually, which wasn’t why I was crying, but I’ll take the bonus apology anyway, as it was a pretty serious offense.

Eventually, we decided to put the conversation on pause and give me some time to deal with my surprise case of feelings.

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Woman Power

3 Days, 10 Miles, 30 Women

Last weekend, I went to the Len Foote Hike Inn in the Appalachian mountains with a group of about thirty other women. One of the women in my Bahá’í community has been organizing this women’s retreat for three years now, which has grown each year as the original hikers have invited their friends, and those friends have invited their friends in turn.

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Learning to eat out as a vegetarian

At the very end of last year, I decided to try being a vegetarian. I love going to restaurants, so one of the the things I was nervous about when I began this experiment was how I would be able to make that work after cutting out meat.

It’s been almost a year now, and I’ve learned a lot! Here are a few tips based on my experiences with this (as well as a few links to the Atlanta restaurants where I’ve tried out these techniques).

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We Rise: Women in Tech Conference
Woman Power

What I gained from attending a conference as a supposedly “non-tech” person

“I’m not technical enough”

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend went to a JavaScript meetup and heard about a conference that was going to be sponsored by the local chapter of Women Who Code. He encouraged me to go, but I hesitated: “It’s probably just for developers.” He convinced me that it was for all women in the tech industry, and I bought a ticket, not sure if my company would pay for it (they did), but determined to go anyway.

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