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I’m sorry; that title’s a terrible pun. And not even that appropriate, since these occurrences took place not yesterday but, rather, a week ago.

I had never tried my hand and bread making before. The idea of working with yeast, waiting for the bread to rise, etc., always seemed too complicated. I avoided it for years.

But my interest (bordering on obsession) with making things myself prompted a steadily growing curiosity in bread, and when I finally did decide to give it a whirl, I jumped in headfirst, with three projects in two days: pizza dough, pita bread, and bagels.

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Baking, Food

a donuffin day

Things don’t always go the way you expect.

Flour Explosion
Does this count as a floured surface?

For example, I expected that my next blog post would be about the cream cheese apricot scones I made last Sunday (which you may have seen if you’re following me on Twitter). But after the scones were baked and eaten, I found I had nothing to say about them. They were ok. Pretty good, but not amazing. A little dry — I haven’t figured out why yet, so there’s no lesson to glean. And aside from the flour explosion (above), no funny anecdotes to share.

So, moving on to Thursday, which I had off from work due to it being the 4th of July.

I’d originally planned on getting lunch with my boyfriend, but when an unexpected ant infestation in his apartment delayed him, I was still hungry. No problem, I had some local veggies sitting in my pantry waiting to be made into curry.

Except curry seemed like so much work. Wouldn’t donuts be easier?

Mmm… donuts.

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