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cake #3: making adjustments

As you may recall from Cake #2, I was determined to conquer the dome this time, so I reduced the oven temperature by 25º and added several minutes to the baking time. I also used real buttermilk for the first time instead of the powdered kind.

When I decided the cake was finally done, it was still pale, but springy and not sticky. It had a slight dome—not much at all compared to the previous week, but not as even and flat as the cake baked with convection. I wish I’d been measuring the height of these cakes all along…maybe I’ll do that going forward.

I was going to Savannah to visit my parents, and I wanted to serve them the cake, so I put the cake layers in separate containers, and packed them with a container of homemade frosting in a lunchbox with an ice pack for the 4+ hour drive.

The cake layers were slightly sticky after cooling, and I was afraid I may have underbaked the cake again. But it frosted easily, cut smoothly, and when we tasted it…wow! It was definitely the best cake so far, and had a great texture. I’m sold on buttermilk now!

My parents have way better lighting in their kitchen than I do.

So what’s next? I want to try the convection turned on again, this time at a lower temperature, but soon, it will be time to focus my efforts on frosting the cake.

I hate frosting cakes. I don’t have the patience for it. I also don’t like waste, so I’ve only been using half the frosting called for by the recipe. That’s plenty for just a plain coat, but for any decorating, I know I’ll probably need more. Maybe if I get better at it I’ll enjoy it more?

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