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new beginnings and blueberry flax muffins

It seems only fitting to begin this blog with my first time baking in my new home.

So, what recipe did I choose to inaugurate the oven in my new kitchen, as well as my brand new KitchenAid stand mixer (thanks, Mom)?

Blueberry flax muffins from King Arthur Flour.

Blueberry flax muffins and new mixer

The recipe falls into KAF’s “Quick and Easy” category; however, having just recently moved in, many of my belongings are still in boxes, so very little is quick and easy around here! Most of my baking supplies were already unpacked, but I could not find all of my measuring cups (still don’t know what box they’re in), and I’d forgotten that I’d already unpacked the baking cups, and so spent some time fruitlessly searching through boxes for them. The packing materials for many of my ktichen supplies are also still scattered around the kitchen, making my countertop far more crowded than I would like. So, one unexpected perk of baking these muffins is that it definitely inspired me to finish unpacking and cleaning!

But enough of my first world problems — what about the muffins?

As far as I can tell, there seem to be two major camps in the muffin baking world. The first (which seems to me to be the most dominant, at least in commercial bakeries) believes in very sweet and fluffy muffins, almost like eating cake for breakfast.

I do not belong to this camp.

The other type of muffin, the kind I prefer, is far less sweet, with more nuances in flavor, and a texture that is still fluffy, but closer to bread than cake.

These blueberry flax muffins are definitely my kind of muffin.

With only half a cup of light brown sugar, the sweetness was perfect. I practically licked the mixing bowl clean, the batter was so good. I wanted to use all of the blueberries I had on hand, about a pint (straight from the local farmer’s market). This is about half a cup more than the recipe calls for, so the finished product was absolutely gushing with blueberries. Some of the muffins were absolutely purple from blueberry juice — not a bad thing.

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