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gluten free apple muffins

As I may have mentioned before, I cohost a brunch devotional every other week with some friends. Among other things, it provides a great opportunity for trying new recipes.

I almost always try to bake something gluten free for these gatherings, since so many of my friends have gluten sensitivities, and this week, with some local apples on hand, I knew I wanted to make apple muffins.

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Chocolate Macarons
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my first attempt at macarons (and a pretty good one at that)

Within the past few months, my coworker has started display something like an obsession with macarons. She finally ordered some online, but didn’t particularly like the citrusy flavors.

So, when her birthday came around last week, it was pretty clear what special treat I needed to make for the occasion. There was just one problem. I’d never made macarons before.

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