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The first cake

My first practice cake of the “Conquering Cake” project was baked on Friday, and eaten over the course of the weekend.

While it went well over all, there were definitely some points that could be improved:

  • I dropped my phone in the cake batter while taking pictures, and now the speakers are not sounding so great. ☹️
  • Due to a power blip earlier in the week, the convection fan in my countertop oven had gotten turned back on. Fortunately, the cakes weren’t misshapen, and I was able to pull the cakes out before they burned, but I’ll definitely make sure that’s turned off next time.
  • I realized that I don’t know the proper technique for folding the egg whites into the batter. I’m going to watch some YouTube videos before my next attempt so I can get that right.

On the plus side (aside from having a really tasty cake at the end of all this), I usually really struggle with getting egg whites to form stiff peaks, and that was totally successful this time. Woohoo!

Also, I learned a thing! I’d seen before that recipes sometimes called for greasing the pan, then adding parchment, then greasing the parchment, and then flouring the pan. Truth be told, I always thought that seemed a bit excessive. While reading The America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook in preparation for this project, I learned that flouring the pan helps keep the side of the cake from climbing up the pan too quickly and becoming crusty. It totally worked! I usually end up with crusty sides on my cakes, but these were nice and soft.

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